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Mixcloud is a free on-demand radio platform. His mission is to deliver great radio, for everyone.
Quite simply, Mixcloud helps connect radio content to listeners more effectively. Mixcloud is re-thinking radio by joining the dots between radio shows, Podcasts and DJ mixes. We refer to them as Cloudcasts - audio shows that are stored in the "cloud" and available to be streamed on-demand.

With Mixcloud you can become part of a network of audio listeners, no matter if you want to consume or to produce audio content. Mixcloud is here to give you ways to find new popular Cloudcasts, find best recommendations and engage in discussion with other people.

If you want to produce your own show, podcast or music, Mixcloud has a complete online infrastructure ready and waiting. In no time you can upload your show to the internet, promote it to millions of listeners and start your marketing campaign by offering your own custom audio widgets that can be embedded into any site.

Mixcloud has a cool feature called “timestamping”. With timestamping, you tell Mixcloud where in the mix your individual tracks lie. That way, when a listener is checking out your mix, they can see where in the mix they are.

Once your mix is uploaded to Mixcloud, it’s time to start promoting it using your social media profiles – which is what we’ll be looking at in next week’s video.

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