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Microsoft Security Essentials 2012

Security Essentials 4.1.522 Vista

Microsoft Security Essentials is professional security tool that protects your Windows from viruses, spywares, Trojans, worms and wide variety of other malicious software. Biggest feature that enables easy and unobtrusive use of this program is its simple user interface and support for automatic upgrades that protects your system from all newest threats.

Microsoft Security Essentials 2012 was carefully crafted to be as much unobtrusive as possible. It works quietly in the backgrounds, spends very little system resources, alerts you only in dire situations, and automatically download newest updates from the internet. When you see its green icon in the taskbar you know that your system is protected, it’s simple as that!

Features and support
Under the clean and uncluttered interface, Security Essentials wraps up antivirus and antispyware engines, rootkit protection, and real-time detection courtesy of Microsoft SpyNet, the unfortunately named cloud-based service that anonymously compares file behavior across computers running various Microsoft operating systems.
SpyNet was introduced in Windows Vista and extended to Windows 7, but Microsoft Security Essentials is the only way to access the network in Windows XP. Unlike other security vendors that allow customers to take advantage of the benefits of their behavioral detection engines while opting out of submitting information, there's no way to do that with SpyNet.
Well, it's mostly anonymous. You can choose between two SpyNet memberships. The basic membership submits to Microsoft the detected software's origins, your response to it, and whether that action was successful, and the advanced membership submits all that plus the location on your hard drive of the software in question, how it operates, and how it has affected your computer. Both basic and advanced versions warn users that personal data might be "accidentally" sent to Microsoft, although they promise to neither identify nor contact you. New in version 2 is the option to opt out of contributing to SpyNet while still receiving the benefits of crowd-sourced security.

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