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Adobe Air Beta

Adobe Air Beta

Adobe AIR, formerly code-named Apollo, is a cross-operating system runtime that allows developers use their existing web development skills in HTML, AJAX, Flash and Flex to build and deploy rich Internet applications to the desktop. Once installed Adobe AIR Applications complement browser-based web applications by providing additional reach and capabilities. The Adobe® AIR™ runtime lets developers use proven web technologies to build rich Internet applications that deploy to the desktop and run across operating systems. Adobe AIR offers an exciting new way to engage customers with innovative, branded desktop applications, without requiring changes to existing technology, people, or processes. With the Adobe® AIR™ runtime, you can deliver branded rich Internet applications (RIAs) on the desktop that give you a closer connection to your customer.

Adobe AIR uses the same proven, cost-effective technologies used to build web applications, so development and deployment is rapid and low risk. You can use your existing web development resources to create engaging, branded applications that run on all major desktop operating systems.
The benefits are extensive. By using Adobe AIR as part of your RIA strategy, you can boost productivity, extend your market reach, enhance customer satisfaction, improve customer retention, lower costs, and increase profits.
Companies like eBay, AOL, and NASDAQ are already using Adobe AIR to deliver engaging RIAs to their users’ desktops.
With Adobe AIR, you can:
* Establish a more persistent connection with existing customers
* Deliver fully branded experiences with desktop functionality
* Leverage existing personnel, processes, and infrastructure
* Develop and deliver RIAs efficiently using proven Adobe technology
* Increase the ROI of your web investments
The Aptana and Dreamweaver CS IDEs currently provide integrated support for building Adobe AIR applications with HTML and javascript. The Adobe® AIR™ SDK and Adobe AIR documentation provide everything a javascript developer needs to start building applications. A new Adobe AIR Developer Center for Ajax Developers has technical articles, developer videos, and sample applications. There is also technical content throughout the labs site and wiki and in the community.
AIR 3.5 Key Features and Benefits:
- Debug stack trace in release builds of Flash Player — This feature enables developers to display stack trace info in release and debug builds.
- Packaging Multiple Binaries — This feature enables developers to include third party static libraries and frameworks and package these with ANE.
- Shared ByteArray support for ActionScript Workers — This feature enables developers to share memory between multiple workers.
- Packaging and loading multiple SWFs on iOS — This feature will allow developers to load multiple swfs, that contain ActionScript bytecode on iOS.

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Download Adobe AIR 3.5 Beta for Windows
Download Adobe AIR 3.5 Beta for Mac OS X
Download Adobe AIR 3.5 Beta for Android
Download Adobe AIR Final for Windows
Download Adobe AIR Final for MacOS X
Download Adobe AIR SDK for Windows
Download Adobe AIR SDK for MacOS X
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