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Sandra Lite 2013 (19.11)

Sandra Lite 2013 (19.11)
Sandra Lite 2013 (19.11)

SiSoftware Sandra Lite was designed to be a 32 and 64-bit Windows system analyser that includes benchmarking, testing and listing modules. It tries to go beyond other utilities to show you more of what is really going on under the hood so you draw comparisons at both a high and low-level in a single product. You can get information about the CPU, chipset, video adapter, ports, printers, sound card, memory, network, Windows internals, AGP, ODBC Connections, USB2, Firewire etc.

You can save/print/fax/e-mail/post/upload or insert into ADO/ODBC databases reports in text, HTML, XML, SMS/DMI or RPT format. SiSoftware Sandra Lite supports multiple sources of information gathering including: remote computers, PDAs, Smart Phones, ADO/ODBC databases or saved system reports. All benchmarks are optimised for both SMP & SMT (Hyper-Threading), up to 32/64 CPUs depending on the platform.

SiSoftware Sandra Modules:
 • System Summary
 • Mainboard/Chipset/System Monitors Info
 • CPU/BIOS Info
 • APM & ACPI (Advanced Power Management) Info
 • PCI(e), AGP, CardBus, PCMCIA bus and devices Info
 • Video Information (monitor, card, video bios, caps, etc.)
 • OpenGL Information
 • DirectX (DirectDraw, Direct3D, DirectSound (3D), DirectMusic, DirectPlay, DirectInput) Info
 • Keyboard Info
 • Mouse Info
 • Sound Card (wave, midi, aux, mix) Info
 • MCI Devices (mpeg, avi, seq, vcr, video-disc, wave) Info
 • Joystick Info
 • Printers Info
 • Windows Memory Info
 • Windows Info
 • Font (Raster, Vector, TrueType, OpenType) Information
 • Modem/ISDN TA Information
 • Network Information*
 • IP Network Information*
 • WinSock & Internet Security Information
 • Drives Information (Removable Hard Disks, CD-ROM/DVD, RamDrives, etc.)
 • Ports (Serial/Parallel) Info
 • Remote Access Service Connections (Dial-Up, Internet)*
 • OLE objects/servers Info*
 • Processes (Tasks) & Threads Info
 • Modules (DLL, DRV) Info
 • Services & Device Drivers (SYS) Info*
 • SCSI Information*
 • ATA/ATAPI Information
 • Data Sources Information*
 • CMOS/RTC Information*
 • Smart Card & SIM Card Information*
 • CPU Arithmetic Benchmark (MP/MT support)
 • CPU Multi-Media Benchmark (including MMX, MMX Enh, 3DNow!, 3DNow! Enh, SSE(2)) (MP/MT support)
 • File System (Removable, Hard Disks, Network, RamDrives) Benchmark
 • Removable Storage/Flash Benchmark
 • CD-ROM/DVD Benchmark
 • Memory Bandwidth Benchmark (MP/MT support)
 • Cache & Memory Bandwidth Benchmark (MP/MT support)
 • Network/LAN Bandwidth Benchmark
 • Internet/ISP Connection Benchmark
 • Internet/ISP Peerage Benchmark
 • Hardware Interrupts Usage*
 • DMA Channel Usage*
 • I/O Ports Usage*
 • Memory Range Usage*
 • Plug & Play Enumerator*
 • Hardware registry settings
 and more………

SiSoftware Sandra 2012 Released: Device Performance Certification, General Processing (GP) for GPU/APU, .Net/METRO for Windows 8
 In preparation for Windows 8 and its brand-new METRO API running on .Net (as used on Windows Phone 7.x), we have updated our .Net benchmarks that can measure .Net CLR performance. A new METRO style interface is also included for Windows 8 users. The GPGPU benchmarks have been upgraded to General Processing (GP) benchmarks, able to fully test the new APU (CPU+GPU) processors.
 Using statistical analysis tools against the 1 million+ benchmark results submitted to the Official SiSoftware Ranker, you can now certify* whether your tested device operates at peak performance. Based on the quality and variability of the results you can determine whether there are issues with the device that need to be addressed.

Key features of Sandra 2012:
 * 3 native architectures support (x86, x64, ARM).
 * Huge official hardware support through technology partners (Intel, AMD/ATI, SiS, VIA).
 * 5 native virtualisation technologies support (Virtual PC 7, Virtual Server 2005, Hyper-V Server, VMware Server/ESX, VMware WorkStation/Player)
 * 3 native GPGPU/GPAPU platforms support (OpenCL, DirectX Compute Shader/DirectCompute, CUDA).
 * 4 native Graphics platforms support (DirectX 11.x, DirectX 10.x, DirectX 9, OpenGL 2.0+).
 * 10 language versions (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified), Russian, Portuguese) in a single installer.
 * Enhanced Sandra Lite (Eval) version (free for personal/educational use, evaluation for other uses)

Supported OS:
 Please select the platform you are currently using:
 o Android 2.2-3.x-4.x (ARM/x86/MIPS)

o Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8; Windows Server 2003/R2, 2008/R2, 2012 (32-bit x86)
 o Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8; Windows Server 2003/R2, 2008/R2, 2012 (64-bit x64)
 o Windows 8 (32-bit ARM)
 o Windows Server 2003/R2, 2008/R2 (64-bit IA64) – Obsolete

o Windows Phone 7.5-8.x (ARM)

Homepage –

Size: 56.5 MB

Download Sandra Lite 2013 (19.11)

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