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Samsung Kies

Samsung Kies
Samsung Kies
Samsung Kies is a freeware software application used to communicate between Windows or Macintosh computers, and more recently manufactured Samsung mobile phone and tablet computer devices, usually using a USB cable connection (though wireless LAN Kies connectivity is now possible using some devices).

Kies comes in two versions: The full version, to which most of this article refers; and the "Kies Mini" version, which is solely used to update certain Samsung mobile devices' operating systems (OS versions). While the full Kies product is capable of updating the OS versions of some Samsung devices, most may have their OS versions updated using only Kies Mini. Though there is both a Windows and Mac(intosh) version of the full Kies product, there is only a Windows version of Kies Mini for most Samsung devices; therefore, many Mac desktop and notebook computer owners who wish to update said Samsung devices' OS versions find themselves having to lease or borrow a Windows computer onto which they may temporarily install Kies Mini, and to which they then connect their Samsung device via USB cable to accomplish said OS version update.

Though most Kies connectivity has traditionally been via USB cable, wireless LAN connectivity between a Samsung device on which the Kies Wireless Android app is running, and any Windows or Macintosh computer running the Kies full version, is now also possible. The Kies Wireless app also supports wireless connectivity with other devices via said other devices' web browsers. All such connectivity, though, must be via a local Wi-Fi connection (and not via cellular 2G, 3G or 4G data networks) wherein all involved devices are on the same Wi-Fi LAN.

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