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AbiWord 2.9.2 Beta

AbiWord 2.9.2 Beta
AbiWord 2.9.2 Beta
AbiWord is a free and open source software word processor. The name "AbiWord" (pronounced [æbiː], like the name, "Abby" + [wərd]) is derived from the root of the Spanish word "abierto", meaning "open". AbiWord is a free word processing program similar to Microsoft® Word. It is suitable for a wide variety of word processing tasks. Abiword was originally started by SourceGear Corporation as the first part of a proposed AbiSuite but was adopted by open source developers after SourceGear changed its business focus and ceased development. It now runs on Linux, Microsoft Windows, ReactOS, Solaris, AmigaOS 4.0 (through its Cygnix X11 engine), MeeGo (on the Nokia N9 smartphone), and other operating systems.

Multi Platform

Enjoy your favorite Word Processor on the operating system you like to use - be it Windows, Linux, QNX, FreeBSD or Solaris.


AbiWord is able to read and write all industry standard document types, such as documents, Microsoft Word documents, WordPerfect documents, Rich Text Format documents, HTML web pages and many more.

Advanced Document Layout

Give your document that professional, scientific or fun-to-read look using AbiWord's advanced document layout options. Use tables, bullets, lists, images, footnotes, endnotes and styles to enhance the way your document looks.


AbiWord comes in many different languages. AbiWord is available in most common and many not-so-common languages. Dictionaries exist for over 30 languages.

You can create a template document (e.g. business letter, memo, press release, resume, two columns), import styles, revert file to last saved date, change document properties, paste unformatted text, find and replace words, and go to a page, line or bookmark.

In addition, you can insert a break, header and footer, tables, text boxes, table of contents, symbols, RDF links, mail merge fields, files, pictures or direction markers, as well as change format for fonts, paragraphs, bullets and numbering, text boxes, and create and modify styles.

Download AbiWord 2.9.2 Beta for Windows
Download AbiWord 2.9.2 Beta for Linux
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